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ruler of time

(Demark 2011)

A clock represents a scale of time. A ruler shows a scale of distance. Ruler of Time combines the concepts of those scales into one device that shows the time scale from the minute to the date and month. Besides its simple form, Ruler of time can tell time from minutes, dates, and months. It is also a calendar. Regularly, we just place one of the brackets at the last date of each month and move the other bracket to Today’s date. For a special occasion, place the brackets to identify or countdown to our special period.



(Demark 2015 & G-mark 2015)

Swingy Bar Stool is inspired from the way we sit with our swinging legs and enjoy a happy moment. This bar stool has a special footrest that is designed from the swing’s characteristic. A user can swing his legs when sitting on a large and wide seat.

We will remind you of the moment, which you let your imagination flow, when you sit on Swingy Bar Stool.




(The Winner of TCDC Creative Seating Competition, Demark 2018 & G-mark 2018)

(w)hole is a humble chair made of solid wood. The chair’s simple look represents friendliness to everyone. A creative characteristic is a small hole at the front leg that provides various functions with other additional parts. For example, using the chairs with the round table top can create collaboration among users. This design comes with different choices of marterials and functions. Please feel free to talk to us if you are interested to apply the chair.



Bangkok Taxi

(Demark 2019 & G-mark 2019)

Our award-winning bangkok taxi is a humble stool that is designed to be more than a stool. Users can create ways to apply bangkok taxi as they want. The stool can be simply used alone as a low seating. It can be stacked to make a regular chair or high stool’s height. Its stackable feature can help save storing space. Also, there is a table piece to offer more functions with other pieces.



SML stool

(Demark 2021)

SML stool is a result of our effort to promote the value of local materials that are common, excellent, but low-priced. Para rubber is one of Thailand’s most important economic crops, which presents high quality and underestimated value. Considering Para rubber’s outstanding characteristics of high flexibility and durability, everyday studio conducted experiments to apply a rubber sheet as a seat and legs of furniture. When we designed SML stool, we found that the rubber seat could provide comfort to a user and the rubber legs could enhance stability and reduce scratches on the floor. We also apply rubber wood as a structure of all 3 sizes of SML stool. As a result, SML stool uplifts all Para rubber’s quality and value.