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We’re fascinated in colors of the taxi because they perfectly reflect the chaos and variety in Bangkok. While taxies in other metropolises often present an identical color, such as the yellow cab in New York and the black taxi in London, taxies in Bangkok come up with so many colors that seem to be freely applied. Some have two-tone colors, while others have only one vivid color. This creates even more chaotic environments to Bangkok. Also, we see the taxi as a type of the public transportation that offers comfort to passengers differently from the other types. Passengers who choose a taxi can be sure that they’ll have their own seat all way long.

The colors and certain seat of the taxi become our inspiration to design a seating set named “Bangkok Taxi.” We select a color combination that reflects the colorful taxi in the city and decrease its saturation. This may help us visualize a clearer picture to address a question in our mind; whether the softer colors of the taxi could change the atmosphere on streets in Bangkok? The seating set includes a low seat that can be stacked to create a chair-height seat and a small side table to enhance the function.



bangkok taxi (stool)
w.42x d.25 x h.27.5
bangkok taxi (table)
w.41x d.25 x h.14.6



  • Stainless Steel
  • Fabric
  • Solid Oak
Illustration by: admin


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