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In Bangkok, we see noodle stools everywhere, mostly in a noodle shop. A stool that is very simple with wooden seat on top; however, in our observation, most stool footrest are the most fragile part. For our Basic stool, we create a steel tube to help holding this footrest to make it more durable. We also give the variety of materials to the seat, whether cushion or wood.

noodle stool high 45

noodle stool high 65

noodle stool high 75


basic stool 45
w.40 x d.40 x h.45

basic stool 65
w.42 x d.42 x h.65

basic stool 75
w.44 x d.44 x h.75



  • Powder-coated Steel
  • Fabric
Illustration by: admin


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