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No hole – cloth rack

In a room, cloth rack is used to hang towel or cloth; however, we can put only few items on it, due to it has only 1-2 rails. No hole cloth rack is designed to place on the floor with multiple rails. In a result, user can put many cloths on with or without hanger.

No hole – panel

No hole panel is designed to give space on the wall, without worrying to ruin the color and finish of the wall. This panel is a powder-coated metal sheet, therefore, user can stick a note, tape photos and poster, hang a tote bag or put the magnet on. The base is a marble with groove in order to place the steel panel on it. This helps to prevent the panel from sliding forward.

No hole – mirror panel

A full height mirror is useful when we are dress up. Instead of hanging it on the wall, we put it on the floor with a heavy marble holding it. Surprisingly, not only it reflects everything in the room, it is also be able to attach the magnet on this mirror surface.


cloth rack
w.45x d.25 x h.162
wall panel
w.45x d.25 x h.162
w.45x d.25 x h.162



  • Powder-coated Steel
  • Marble
  • Mirror


Illustration by: admin


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