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blue nails @ siam discovery

Location : Siam Discovery, Pathum Wan, Bangkok

Area : 20 square meters

Year : 2016


This project is the first pop-up store of Blue Nails. The site is in Siam Discovery, a bustling department store filled with unique fashion brands. Clearly communicating the value, story, and characteristics of Blue Nails is a goal to achieve for our design.

We see Blue Nails’ items as art pieces, thus an overall design of this store should be a simple and nice background to accentuate the products. Because the pop-up store is not permanent, we create the visual space by composing pieces of display furniture. Basic elements of design, especially lines, are applied in the furniture to reflect the characteristics of thread and weaving. Steel frames of horizontal lines and vertical lines are layered to create a light perception and make the displayed items standing out.


blue nails flagship


blue nails @ lhong 1919